The Barcelona Drinking Game

Of all the cities we visited in Spain, Barcelona was definitely our favourite. The architecture was beautiful, the food was amazing, and the drinks… Oh the drinks.

If we’re being honest, a good chunk of our time was spent drinking beer outside of the Sagrada Familia, drinking wine on the balcony of our Air BnB, and drinking absenta in the most amazing little absinthe bar in the Barceloneta. (Seriously, you can’t miss this place!) So what better way to spice up your Barcelona experience than with a classic drinking game?

Beer and Spanish tapas on table in foreground. Sagarada Familia in the background
Beer and tapas outside Sagrada Familia

Disclaimer! Drinking on the street in Spain isn’t actually legal, though often done. In fact, you may see more than a few botellóns – groups of young folk pre-drinking outdoors before hitting the bar or disco. But please know that we don’t endorse the illegal or excessive consumption of alcohol. No one wants to be fined by the Spanish police or spend a day of their trip with a wicked hangover.

Drink responsibly and stay safe! Better yet, if you find it difficult to stay hydrated, then this is the perfect game to help you hit your H2O intake for the day. You’re going to need it after all that Spanish sun.

Alright, moving on. The rules…

Drink once every time you…

Stumble onto a square

The squares are plentiful in Barcelona. You can hardly turn a corner without finding a plaça (pronounced with that Euro-Spanish ‘th’) filled with little cafés, patios, benches, and monuments. So take a load off for a moment, say hello to the pigeons, have a sip and continue on your way.

Pigeons and crowds of people in a public square in Barcelona

See someone wearing a long beige coat

We visited Barcelona in March so the weather was cool on some days and warm on others, but that doesn’t seem to matter to the Catalonians. Outerwear, specifically long beige coats, were worn daily, regardless of the temperature. Whether they’re of the pea-coat variety or more like a trench coat, take a sip.

If you’re a fan of the look, you can find your own in almost any Spanish boutique so you can blend in with the crowd. 

Take a thousand steps

Barcelona is named one of the most walkable cities in Europe. You can get most places within a fifteen to thirty minute walk. We can definitely confirm. On our first day there, we took over thirty thousand steps (and had the blisters and aches to prove it.) So give your feet a break and take a drink. Your paws will thank you!

Drink three times every time you…

Spot Gaudí architecture

Perhaps the most famous architect in Catalonia, Gaudí’s whimsical mordernismo work is very hard to miss. From the iconic Sagrada Familia to the beautiful Parc Guell, there’s up to twenty Gaudí monuments in the city. So raise a glass to this ambitious architect and his extraordinary mind. I mean who designs a building that they know will take over 100 years to build? Greatness.

For pro players: this rule can be expanded to include Gaudí postcards, books, memorabilia, and souvenirs.

Frontal view of Gaudi's Casa Mila in Barcelona.
Gaudí’s Casa Milá

Catch an on-duty Instagram Boyfriend

Sure, Madrid may be the fashion capital of Spain but in Barcelona, the people have some sweet threads and they want the internet to know about it. But who’s going to take that insta-worthy snap? Who’s going to go to great lengths to get that perfect angle no matter the cost? We don’t discriminate. This rule still stands for Instagram girlfriends, moms, sons–basically anyone with an opposable thumb who can take that fresh fashion pic. Toast to them and their commitment to the gram.

For Pro Players: Drink every time the model confers with the photographer on the likeability of the photo.

Finish your drink if you…

Find a bottle of wine for under 2 euros

Yes, they do exist! One of the best parts of Spain was the cheap wine. Stop in at one of little bodegas on the corner or stop in at a nearby mercat to look for the good deals. Rioja was our favourite but almost anything Spanish you can find will tantalize your tastebuds. Grab a cheap bocadillo on the way back to your AirBnB and finish the day enjoying your cheap bottle of vino on the balcony while taking in the street below.

Adam drinking a glass of red wine in Barcelona

We hope your time in Barcelona is as memorable as ours was and you enjoy your time exploring and discovering the vibrant culture of the city. Did we miss anything that should have been included? Let us know in the comments below!

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