Celebrating Our Anniversary in China

Today, we celebrate our 3rd anniversary and wanted to reflect on our last 365 days around the sun together.

We experienced and accomplished so many things in life for which we are incredibly grateful:

  • We moved in together.
  • Performed in a 2-person theatre show (Test) opposite each other for the first time as a couple.
  • Rose introduced the world to the inaugural OktAdamfest for Adam’s birthday.
  • Started new Christmas traditions together, including an advent calendar for meaningful trinkets and love notes.
  • Went to each other’s family Christmas events for the first time.
  • Drank Absinthe in the coolest little bar in Barcelona while dreaming about life.
  • Explored Antequera, Spain.
  • Took a roadtrip to Quebec City.
  • Found the iconic Hopkins’ road trip album, Stan Rogers’ From Fresh Water, on vinyl in a cute bookstore in Gananoque.
  • Ate at Schwartz’ Deli in Montreal.
  • Moved to China.
  • Arrived in China with no luggage.
  • Got lost on a Chinese mountain.
  • Saw the Terracotta Army in Xi’an.
  • Wandered through and got inspired by the amazing Art District in Beijing.
  • Started this Blog!

And much more that I’m sure we’ve missed….

We wanted to thank everyone who has been following our journey on here and for continuing to share their kinds words. We love telling our stories and we love interacting with you all. We are excited for what happens in the next chapter of our lives!

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