Letters to the Universe #001: Valencia

Dear Universe, 

We know you like to work in mysterious ways, but with this one, you were really just having a laugh.

We’re referring to our time in Valencia when our free walking tour guide told us about the best restaurants for Valencian Paella (she gave a few options) and Valencian Horchata (Horchateria de Santa Catalina). We had a train out of the city at 5pm and decided to try both dishes before leaving. 

After waiting an hour for the Paella restaurant to open at 2pm, we were let down to find a wait list until 4:30; not doable with our schedule. 

Again, we attempted to find another recommended Paella restaurant but with our hunger levels growing, our data-less phones of no help, and a lack of divine intervention from you, we decided it was a hopeless cause. 

To be honest, Universe, we cursed you. We felt bad, but we were hungry. And as you know, a hungry Rose and Adam cannot be held responsible for their own actions.

With time running out and eating anything at all becoming something of utmost importance (for the sake of our relationship really), we resigned to the fact that we would eat subpar paella and miss out on finding the authentic, heavenly Horchateria de Santa Catalina.

We found two restaurants across from each other, both offering Paella. On a whim, we chose the one on the right, and for no reason at all (or so it seemed) sat on the right hand side of the patio facing the street.

We couldn’t believe our view:

We just wanted to say thanks for having our backs.


Rose and Adam

PS: sorry for what we said when we were hungry.

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