WTF Is WTF Bar All About?

WTF being the name of a Hong Kong bar of course. It stands for Worth The Fuss, and we can confirm: it is.

This bar was located almost directly across the street from our hotel in Causeway Bay and with the help of the marquis-sized lightbulbs spelling out ‘WTF’, our attention was drawn to it every time we were outside. Along with heavily tinted windows and a good star rating on Google Maps, our interest was officially piqued.

One night we decided to finally discover what lie within. What was supposed to be the first stop on a night of meandering and karaoke turned into an all night affair. The cocktails were just too good and the music just too enjoyable to bother going anywhere else.

Especially with the unpredictability of the Hong Kong streets at the the time, it was nice to stay within the neighbourhood. A good thing too as we came to learn that out of the twelve people in the bar who weren’t the bartenders and the entertainment, nine of them were Canadian.

There were two groups of four besides our own. One group was from Markham, Ontario, a quick (depending on traffic) drive down the highway from our hometown. In the second group, a woman from Vancouver and her friends from various parts of the world. What are the odds that Canadians would make up the majority on this particular night? And what are the odds all three groups were each celebrating a birthday of one of its members?

But even this happy coincidence couldn’t compete with the true highlight of the night: Kal, armed with a guitar, the voice of an angel, and a knack for working a room. He had all the gadgets of a modern solo performer including a mixer, loop pedals, and an iPad that would help him achieve different vocal effects as well as any lyrics he needed to look up. He was basically an all-request station and would sing any song you wanted while putting his own spin on it; including a near-perfect rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”.

There were of course many Canadian hits being thrown out all night. Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, and Alanis Morissette were on the docket several times. Although, he never blessed us with a full interpretation of “My Heart Will Go On”, he dangled the ‘Every night in my dreams…’ in our faces several times. Who needed a karaoke bar when you could just sing along with this guy?

Thanks to the bartenders yelling to each other in Spanish and ensuring their small crowd was well taken of, we had a wonderfully memorable night.

We left with big smiles and definitely recommend this bar if you’re ever in Hong Kong. Hopefully you find yourself there on a night with Kal. He’ll make you feel right at home.

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