Celebrating Christmas in China

We’ve been quiet on here preparing for our China departure–only seven days away!–but we wanted to share our experience spending Christmas abroad this year.

The Chinese don’t observe Christmas which meant we had to work on the 25th, so we chose to celebrate our own Christmas on the Sunday beforehand. The weeks leading up to the special day were full of preparations, but not the ones we were used to.

Instead of going to the markets, Rose ordered imported goods from Tao Bao (Chinese Amazon). We strung up a little makeshift tree around our defunct TV, giving Charlie Brown a run for his money, which was surprisingly effective in creating a warm and festive atmosphere. And we wrapped little presents for each other in the colourful pages of a TimeOut Hong Kong magazine.

Christmas set-up in Chinese apartment.
Our Christmas setup turned out better than we hoped for.

On the morning of, we opened presents (festive socks, fancy coffee and chocolate, and travel-sized Jameson) before frying up some bacon and beginning an all-day Christmas movie marathon. For the next several hours, we ate charcuterie, Skyped our families, decorated a gingerbread house and drank a little too much wine.

When the time came to make our Christmas dinner, we were too stuffed full of goodies, so we pushed it to Monday to prolong the festivities. This was truly the universe at work, because after visiting dozens of foreign import markets in Dalian and not finding any cranberry sauce, we had resigned ourselves to a berry-less Christmas dinner. But! On the way home from work on Monday, Adam miraculously found some cranberry jam in the local supermarket. It truly was a Christmas miracle!

Charcuterie board for Christmas in China.
A festive red sock makes an appearance. (It reads: “Sock It To Me, Santa“)

We enjoyed our chicken legs, boxed stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, carrots, and the elusive cranberry jam before cuddling up in bed to watch It’s a Wonderful Life. It was a perfect end to Christmas in China.

Although, we missed our friends and family terribly, this was definitely a Christmas we won’t forget, made extra special because we were together. We hope your Christmas was spent with family and loved ones and we’re sending you residual Christmas cheer from across the ocean. Cheers and Happy New Year!

Adam and Christmas dinner in China. Black and white.
May your days be merry and bright! (Or black and white)

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