An Ocean Breeze Puts The Mind At Ease | Da Nang | SE Asia #007

Listen, we love travel, probably more than most people. But it’s tiring as heck! Constantly navigating around cities you don’t know, dealing with unexpected complications, trying to communicate with people you don’t share a language with, and walking twenty thousand steps a day gets pretty exhausting. So after only a week on our journey, we were pretty excited to be heading to the beach town of Da Nang.

On the forty minute drive from Hoi An, we watched out the window as our surroundings changed and by the time our car dropped us at the hotel we could have sworn we weren’t in Vietnam anymore; an oceanside boulevard with dozens of high-rise hotels under construction, wide paved roads with palm trees running down the middle, and seafood restaurants with uniformed waiters inviting passersby to have a seat and try the shrimp.

This was Fort Lauderdale or Santa Monica, so different from the Vietnam we’d been experiencing.

Now, we’ve always found it hard to relax when on vacation. It feels like when we’re travelling, time not spent seeing, doing, or eating is time wasted! But sometimes taking a moment to slow down and take in the sunshine is exactly what you need to combat travel fatigue. Sometimes you have to tell yourself that it’s okay to do nothing.

So we forced ourselves to put on our bathing suits and relax under a palm umbrella for a few hours. Poor us!

Rose at the beach in Da Nang.

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