The Heat Is On In Saigon | Ho Chi Minh City | SE Asia #008

Not only have we been singing that line from the musical, Miss Saigon, but the heat is quite literally on in Saigon.

It is at least ten degrees hotter than the beaches in Da Nang, and we can feel it. We’d take it over the winter wind in Dalian or the dirty slush in Hamilton, but we do find ourselves taking a few more breaks for iced coffee (cà phê đá) during the day.

It may be the heat going to our heads, but there is also a buzzing energy here that is intoxicating. Maybe it’s the increase in motorbike traffic, all the neon street lights, or the people selling their wares, but, as Adam says, “We’re digging it.”

Street with motorbikes and hanging lanterns in Saigon.

We got a bit of a baptism by fire our first night here when we went to the famous Bui Vien Walking Street, a misnomer because we were almost hit by motorbikes whizzing through at least a dozen times.

This was everything we’d been expecting when we came to Southeast Asia; flashing lights, busy traffic, bars competing for who has the loudest music, pushy street vendors selling their wares. We saw fire eaters, drag performers, a bedraggled living statue performer, and not ten feet away, a group of monks singing and praying in their iconic saffron robes.

What else could we do but grab a plastic stool, a 75 cent draft beer (absolutely vile, would not recommend), and take it all in? We watched girls trying to sell drinks (and maybe more) and were approached by a man trying to give Adam a sensual shoulder massage.

What else were we expecting? And what other surprises and brow-raising moments await us in the heat of Saigon?

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