The First Rule of Reggae Bar Is | Ko Phi Phi | SE Asia #023

The second rule of Reggae Bar is…

Ah, Thailand. Land known for its impressive style of boxing and for rowdy tourists who enjoy a night out on the town. What do you get when you merge the two together? Reggae Bar.

A bar that offers you a free bucket booze just for participating. All you have to do is make it through three thirty-second rounds with a total stranger (or a friend) and give the best drunken Muay Thai impersonation that you can. You also go home with a medal to show your proud mother.

The Fight Card

The night’s action is solely dependant on the people in the bar. There may be fights all the time or you may have periods with no fights at all. The recommendation to us was to go later in the night, once people have had a chance to increase their confidence levels and make it to the bar. We did and now we recommend you do the same.

Muay Thai boxing ring inside Reggae Bar

We watched two girls, who we think were friends, fight and two very large gentlemen wail on each other while their friends cheered and coached them on from the corners. The bar even sprinkles in some real Muay Thai fighters to keep you engaged between the other flailing of limbs.

The Atmosphere

The atmosphere of the place is nothing short of hilarious and with all the buzz and energy going around, you do find yourself audibly rooting for total strangers.

Although we didn’t partake in the action ourselves this time, we could see the hilarity that would have ensued, had we needed to settle a dispute, or had we been with our crazy friends.

We are joining the party of recommending this bar on Ko Phi Phi, should you ever make it there. It was one of our more memorable experiences that we’ll laugh about for ages.

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