Art Thou Ready For More Art? | Bangkok | SE Asia #021

Can’t lie – we were a little disappointed by Bangkok. But the city redeemed itself in the one way that mattered to us: It’s art scene. Here are our two favourite spots in Bangkok that you absolutely can’t miss:

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Inspired By Snails? | Ho Chi Minh City | SE Asia #010

The second day in a new city is always our favourite and day two in Ho Chi Minh City was no exception. Having gotten all the touristy stuff out of the way the day before, we decided to branch out of the city centre and look for another of our favourite things: the art district.

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A Night At The Opera, Vietnam Style | Hanoi | SE Asia #001

Apart from trying (and mostly failing) to direct young Chinese children in thrown-together plays and an unexpected viewing of NT Live’s King Lear at the movie theatre, we’ve been pretty removed from taking in one of our favourite art forms for the past 8 months. With our crazy schedules and lack of local Dalian theatre knowledge, we couldn’t make anything work for a night out at the theatre.

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