What to Wear to a Chinese Kindergarten Graduation

“Do you have a performance dress?”

I assume this is referring to something to wear for the upcoming kindergarten graduation which is happening two days from now. After being postponed at least two times, it’s finally happening and it’s happening all at once.

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I Took a Chinese Physical and Survived

When we were offered teaching jobs in China, we had no idea just how involved the process would be to get our visas. We had to take countless pictures, send documents back and forth dozens of times, and still ended up unemployed and in Canada for six weeks longer than expected. But nothing in the visa process was quite as interesting as the physical exam.

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How Did We Get Here?: Adam’s View

I think it’s easy to say that we, as humans, enjoy being comfortable. We like knowing where life is going to lead us. We like knowing what we’re going to do tomorrow and the next day. We like knowing that there is a roof above our heads and food in our bellies. We like knowing that the bed we sleep in at night is familiar and, well, comfortable.

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