Grocery Shopping in China; Or How Not To Starve

Whether you’re working or travelling in China, if you’re in the country for any length of time, you will probably need to eat. And lucky for you, the food in China is abundant and cheap! In fact, food is so cheap that eating out is generally more common than it is in North America. A cheap meal in a restaurant can range from 8 to 50 yuan (or $1.60 to $10 CDN) per person.

However, sometimes the business of a restaurant setting and not knowing what kind of meat you just put in your mouth can get tiring, so being able to buy groceries for your own home-cooked meal is a must. And like almost everything in China, grocery shopping here isn’t exactly the same as it is back home, so we’ve compiled a few of our tips and tricks to make buying food in China as easy as possible.

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