A Different Kind Of Hoi An-stagram | Hoi An | SE Asia #006

Hoi An is on many a ‘must-see’ list in Vietnam, but shortly after driving into the city, it was clear that this was tourist-central. Hoi An is what you think Vietnam looks like before actually visiting there. Don’t get us wrong, it’s very pretty – there’s a reason we have taken to calling it ‘Hoi-Anstagram’.

The iconic yellow walls and Chinese lanterns make for some pretty photo shoot backdrops, but a few hours of wandering around the Ancient Town, and we were worried that we weren’t going to like it here very much.

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A Taste of Canada in Dalian

We couldn’t quite believe our ears when we heard the news that the iconic Canadian cliché had arrived in Dalian. A co-worker had excitedly called it “Team House” and said we must love it because we’re Canadian. We were slow on the uptake but after she showed us a picture we couldn’t help but smile.

A very surprising and unexpected arrival in our small(ish) city but welcome nonetheless. We just had to try it the first opportunity we got!

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View From a Chinese Starbucks

We’ve said more than once that living in China, for two Canadians, is kind of like living on a different planet. There’s still the sun in the distance, the ground beneath our feet, there are still people doing everyday people things, but at the same time things are so unfamiliar. From the bus ride to work to buying groceries to working out at the gym, things that felt so ordinary are now so strange–and to be honest, exhausting!

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