What We’ll Miss About Living in China (And What We Won’t)

Yesterday morning, we got on an early morning plane to Vietnam and said goodbye to the life and routine we built in China. And although we can’t wait (seriously CAN. NOT. WAIT.) to be home in Canada, there are some things we’re sure to long for once we’ve left this place. So here’s a list of the top five things we’ll miss about living in China… And the five things we won’t miss at all.

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Five Life Lessons I Learned Teaching in China

An acting teacher once told me that people stop changing at twenty-five, that after that time your character is pretty much set in stone. When I moved to China to teach at the ripe old age of 27, I realized just how wrong he was.

These are five life lessons that I learned in my time living abroad that I will take with me for the rest of my life:

How to Cross The Street In China

Okay, you may think we’re being dramatic here. A ‘how-to’ article about crossing the street? Really!? But after more than a couple close calls trying to make it to the other side of the road, we can confidently say that the traffic here is not a joke. Since we’ve mastered the art of Chinese street-crossing, we’d like to share with you the top tips you didn’t even know you needed for safely navigating the treacherous Chinese roads.

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The Speakeasy in a Speakeasy: Our Hong Kong Highlight

One of our favourite ways to get to know a city is doing the things the locals do. So when planning our Hong Kong trip, we did more than a little digging into the less touristy things to do in this amazing city. We soon discovered that HK is a cocktail lover’s dream! We are big fans of funky drinks and aesthetic bar designs, so when we found out about Hong Kong’s speakeasy scene, we were thrilled.

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How To Make Sure Your Forbidden City Trip Doesn’t Suck

Our favourite thing about travelling is seeing how people live their daily life. We like exploring smaller, less tourist-y neighbourhoods, eating street food like the locals, and sitting in average cafes just to watch the world go by. But there are some tourist attractions that you feel like you can’t miss, like visiting the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or the Terracotta Warriors in Xi’ An.

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Finding a Sense of Community in Ganjingzi, Dalian

We all have favourite places. Favourite stores, favourite restaurants, favourite cafés, favourite parks… We love these places because of the good times we’ve had, making us feel safe because we know exactly what to expect. We have best friends or friendly staff members that we meet in these places giving us happy social interactions. Or we may very well just love the food and drink. 

So what happens when you leave your city or neighbourhood or country and don’t have these favourite places anymore? When we left Hamilton, a city full of familiar coffee shops and meeting places, we absolutely missed these places more than we expected. But it also gave us the chance to create new favourite spots wherever we end up.

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Learn These Two Expressions to Get By in Every Country

Travelling or moving to a foreign place can be overwhelming to say the least. You may not know the local customs and the everyday way of life, and everything that you’re used to might be turned on its head. Not to mention, depending on the country you’re in, you probably don’t know the language either. 

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What to Wear to a Chinese Kindergarten Graduation

“Do you have a performance dress?”

I assume this is referring to something to wear for the upcoming kindergarten graduation which is happening two days from now. After being postponed at least two times, it’s finally happening and it’s happening all at once.

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Two Mindset Shifts To Bring More Travel Into Your Life

Towards the end of March, we were stuck in Canada waiting with anticipation for our Chinese visas to be approved and to finally get on the flight to Dalian to start our new jobs teaching drama. It was very much like we were on-call, waking up everyday feeling like we probably weren’t going to get any news, but on the slight chance we did, we couldn’t plan anything fun. Or so we thought.

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