Nobody Puts Beer In The Corner | Hanoi | SE Asia #002

It’s already nine p.m. but the nightlife in Hanoi begins as soon as the sun goes down. After joining a slow but steady flow of pedestrians pushing through the crowded sidewalks, we give in to one of the Vietnamese women’s persistent efforts and sit down on her low plastic chairs sprawling into the street. Before we even have time to take in the glaring lights, constant honking, and shouting from one side of the street to the other, two sweating dark-glass bottles appear on the tiny table in front of us.

There’s a reason they call this Hanoi’s beer corner.

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Finding a Sense of Community in Ganjingzi, Dalian

We all have favourite places. Favourite stores, favourite restaurants, favourite cafés, favourite parks… We love these places because of the good times we’ve had, making us feel safe because we know exactly what to expect. We have best friends or friendly staff members that we meet in these places giving us happy social interactions. Or we may very well just love the food and drink. 

So what happens when you leave your city or neighbourhood or country and don’t have these favourite places anymore? When we left Hamilton, a city full of familiar coffee shops and meeting places, we absolutely missed these places more than we expected. But it also gave us the chance to create new favourite spots wherever we end up.

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