The First Rule of Reggae Bar Is | Ko Phi Phi | SE Asia #023

The second rule of Reggae Bar is…

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Spiders And Crickets And Frogs! Oh My! | Phnom Penh | SE Asia #016

Before coming to Southeast Asia, we knew there would be plenty of opportunities to eat some unfamiliar delicacies. And since we may not be in this part the world again soon, we knew we had to partake while we could! Enter Romdeng, a restaurant serving traditional Cambodian food, including plenty of options not usually found on a Canadian menu.

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A Strong Drink And Another One: The Saigon Speakeasy Tour | Ho Chi Minh City | SE Asia #011

Our trip to Hong Kong unleashed a new niche interest for us: speakeasy hopping. Some research on the internet taught us that Ho Chi Minh has quite the hidden bar scene, so we’ve ranked our favourites based on atmosphere, location/entrance experience, and of course, the cocktails. So if you’re looking for a fun night out in Saigon away from the noise and debauchery of Bui Vien, this is for you!

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Nobody Puts Beer In The Corner | Hanoi | SE Asia #002

It’s already nine p.m. but the nightlife in Hanoi begins as soon as the sun goes down. After joining a slow but steady flow of pedestrians pushing through the crowded sidewalks, we give in to one of the Vietnamese women’s persistent efforts and sit down on her low plastic chairs sprawling into the street. Before we even have time to take in the glaring lights, constant honking, and shouting from one side of the street to the other, two sweating dark-glass bottles appear on the tiny table in front of us.

There’s a reason they call this Hanoi’s beer corner.

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A Night At The Opera, Vietnam Style | Hanoi | SE Asia #001

Apart from trying (and mostly failing) to direct young Chinese children in thrown-together plays and an unexpected viewing of NT Live’s King Lear at the movie theatre, we’ve been pretty removed from taking in one of our favourite art forms for the past 8 months. With our crazy schedules and lack of local Dalian theatre knowledge, we couldn’t make anything work for a night out at the theatre.

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The Speakeasy in a Speakeasy: Our Hong Kong Highlight

One of our favourite ways to get to know a city is doing the things the locals do. So when planning our Hong Kong trip, we did more than a little digging into the less touristy things to do in this amazing city. We soon discovered that HK is a cocktail lover’s dream! We are big fans of funky drinks and aesthetic bar designs, so when we found out about Hong Kong’s speakeasy scene, we were thrilled.

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