Letters to the Universe #001: Valencia

Dear Universe, 

We know you like to work in mysterious ways, but with this one, you were really just having a laugh.

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Two Mindset Shifts To Bring More Travel Into Your Life

Towards the end of March, we were stuck in Canada waiting with anticipation for our Chinese visas to be approved and to finally get on the flight to Dalian to start our new jobs teaching drama. It was very much like we were on-call, waking up everyday feeling like we probably weren’t going to get any news, but on the slight chance we did, we couldn’t plan anything fun. Or so we thought.

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The Barcelona Drinking Game

Of all the cities we visited in Spain, Barcelona was definitely our favourite. The architecture was beautiful, the food was amazing, and the drinks… Oh the drinks.

If we’re being honest, a good chunk of our time was spent drinking beer outside of the Sagrada Familia, drinking wine on the balcony of our Air BnB, and drinking absenta in the most amazing little absinthe bar in the Barceloneta. (Seriously, you can’t miss this place!) So what better way to spice up your Barcelona experience than with a classic drinking game?

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